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Service Electric Privacy Statement

Version 4.0 Effective April 10, 2014

    Service Electric believes that electronic privacy and security are critical components of any effective e-commerce application. Service Electric's Privacy Statement describes how we will protect the personal privacy of our customers.

    Service Electric will not use any credit card and personal banking information supplied by the customer for any other purpose beyond the services provided on this site. To present your bill online through the My Account system and effectively process your transactions, Service Electric will require you to provide additional personal information separate from the billing information provided by Service Electric. This additional information may be aggregated by Service Electric to produce statistics such as percentage of customers that use a credit card to pay their bills or percentage of potential end users that are enrolled in their service.

    Our registration forms will collect personal contact and financial information from you. Our web site only collects personal information that you provide directly about yourself. Service Electric does not accept other-party submissions, nor use any means of indirect collection that could identify you. Service Electric may contact you when you deem it to be necessary in connection to the service offered herein. In addition, we may email service-related communication to you to alert you of other new products and/or services offered by Service Electric. Service Electric will never ask you to provide financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an email or thru telephone contact.

    When you pay a bill, we record detailed records of the payment history and the instruments utilized to help identify fraudulent credit card use. We may share this with the financial institution that issued the credit card with which the bill was paid, or with law enforcement authorities, if they determine use of the credit card was fraudulent. We do not store personal information in cookies (i.e. small amounts of data sent from your browser to their hard drive).

    Your personal information is protected with a User ID and Password that you manage. The software utilizes secure SSL with 2048-bit encryption at the channel and application level. Sensitive user profile information is encrypted before it is stored in the database in order to keep it safe from unauthorized access both outside of and within Service Electric. Network firewalls and password encoding protect end users against unauthorized data access. The application is maintained in a secure data center using multiple level security access mechanisms.

    Service Electric reserves the right to change this privacy statement so we encourage you to occasionally review it. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact Service Electric.

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