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    The Internet's growth, popularity and usefulness depend on the secure handling of personal and financial information. The protection of consumers’ sensitive information is critical to Service Electric’s success. Thus, in conjunction with our partners we provide you with a high degree of security by utilizing the latest security techniques and methodologies. In order to ensure that the appropriate controls, procedures, and mechanisms are in place our EBP application has integrated the services and products of GeoTrust and Internet Security Systems (ISS).

Application Level

My Account employs the following controls and measures:

  • Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 2048 bit encryption for all transmissions of consumer data in order to assure privacy.
  • Automatically logs out an end user after a certain period of time in order to protect personal information from onlookers.
  • User ID and password are changed by the end user at first sign on and subsequently. This further protects the end user from tampering by others.
  • Financial information is stored in an encypted database using a combination of complex encryption algorithms and various security hashes.

Network and Facility Level

Our application-processing servers are located within state-of-the-art facilities where we and third parties conduct regular reviews of our methodologies in order to satisfy PCI DSS and banking requirements. The hardware, networking and facility security measures are described below:

  • Redundant firewalls configured to deny everything unless it is expressly permitted.
  • The data center utilizes intrusion detection and scanning software from ISS. This software identifies network and system attacks and responds through session termination and firewall reconfiguration.
  • Personnel background checks for key positions.

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